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Nationality: Italian Date of Birth: 12 /02/1978 Employment history Published translations March 2011-January 2012: Anthony Riches, L’impero. La spada e l’onore, Roma, Newton and Compton, 2012. Anthony Riches, Wounds of Honour, London, Hodder and Stoughton, 2010. August 2008-January 2009: Sefi Atta, Il meglio deve ancora venire, Milano, Epoché, 2009. Sefi Atta, Everything Good Will Come, Northampton, Interlink, 2005. Other translations 2007-today: Freelance translations in the following fields: IT (user manuals, software, hardware), video games and smartphone apps, marketing, e-commerce, websites, travel, literature. August 2012: Translation of a 3,000 words ebook on e-commerce and marketing. August 2012: Translation of an iPhone/iPad action game. August 2012: Translation of a 19,000 words book on nutrition. July 2012: Translation of a 9,000 words custom made tailoring website. July 2012: Translation of the Match 3 Game Diamond Duel for Pixee Games. July 2012: Translation of a 5,000 words glossary. July 2012: Translation of a 1,500 words e-commerce document. 2007-2008: Translation of technical projects for td Group, an it firm based in Italy. Editing and proofreading January 2010-July 2011: Editor and proofreader for bfs edizioni. bfs ( is a small but very active publishing house in the field of contemporary history. My duties involved proof- reading, books laying out, keeping contact with authors, printers and foreign publish- ing houses as well as redaction of abstracts, introductions and back covers. March-June 2010: Editing of the book “Pensiero Fecondo”, a collection of essays on Social Agriculture and rehabilitation of mental patients through agricultural work. My duties involved collecting the essays, proofreading them, writing the introduction and laying out the book. Published by Lapsus Libri in 2010. July 2009-February 2010: Editing of the book “Futuro presente”, a book on Italian politics. My duties involved proofreading and laying out the book. Published by Lapsus Libri in 2010. February 2009: Reviewer for Fondazione Zancan. Fondazione Zancan is one of the most important Social Foundations in Italy ( For them, I wrote a re- view of the book “Il sostenibile peso della follia” by Angelo Lippi (published by Edizioni del Cerro).other skills January 2007-January 2009: Editor and proofreader for Edizioni del Cerro, an important scientific publishing house set in Pisa. It has published many titles on subjects such as disability, neuropsy- chology and communication sciences. My duties involved proofreading, laying out of books, keeping contact with authors, printers and foreign publishing houses as well as redaction of abstracts, introductions and back covers. Other jobs June-July 2004: Interpreter for the University of Pisa. I worked as an interpreter at the help desk of an IT congress. November-December 2003: Employee of the University of Pisa. Book scansion and cataloguing for the Biblioteca Italiana Telematica (Italian Computerized Library) project. Education February-March 2011: Course on Literary Translation from English held by Oblique Studio. Main topics: translation, translations revision, press reviews translation; basics of proofreading and laying out; editorial proposals and scouting. January 2005-February 2005: Course on Editorial Translation from English sponsored by Circolo filologico mila- nese and Centro culturale Bibli. The course, held by Isabella C. Blum, focused on edito- rial translation from English to Italian, with particular attention to revision. 1997-2002: Relevant coursework. University of Pisa, Foreign Language and Literatures. English Language and Literature I, II, III and IV; Spanish Language and Literature, I, II, III; Italian Language and Li...

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Lingue: inglese, italiano, spagnolo

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